Amongst our scope of work is traditional 'like for like' boiler repairs and construction of new build boilers.  Plate flanging and construction of fireboxes and other piece parts can be carried out to order.


In our machine shop, we can carry out the repair and manufacture of most working parts of steam vehicles, our biggest lathe can accommodate work 5 feet in diameter. In many cases our whitemetalling process is used to refurbish worn bearings. Boiler fittings can also be serviced to be reunited with the rebuilt boiler. New castings can be provided where necessary.


The construction of tanks, tenders and other light pressings, either riveted or welded, together with all types of repair welding, supplemented by straightening on our 120 ton hydraulic press can be carried out.


Thick wall copper pipes for boiler ancillaries can be made to order, utilising sand filling for bending.


The fitting of rubber tyres to Traction Engine type wheels, including the 'quadtrack' type and the ex-tank idler type steel backed bands, compliments our road steam work.


These are just a few examples of work that can be achieved at Hatch Heritage & Steam Engineers. For further details or to discuss any aspects of our work, please contact us via the contacts page.




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